TGIF! I think everyone is well aware by now that the 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is upon us with early access starting today and public access to the sale starting July 19th. I’m not going to tell you how to shop it because I’ve honestly never shopped it myself and I think a million people have already shared their shopping strategies. Ironically i’ve only bought things from Nordstrom while they weren’t having the big sale just due to my needs at the time. However, I do think there are some great deals going on. Like this lace midi dress!

This sale can 100% be a little daunting because there is so much but I love it because the sale marks down brand new Fall merchandise. My FAV season.  I have a few specific items I have my eye on (like a new suitcase for my honeymoon this Fall and over all travel!) but I chose the following items to share because I personally like them and they’re all under $100 (except for the suitcase set).


I got this dress and have worn it to two weddings! It’s a classic and comes in multiple colors. 

SALE PRICE: $58.90 | AFTER SALE: $89.00


Great transitional colors that can be worn in Fall/Spring. These two styles are prob my faves . 

#1  SALE PRICE: $35.90 | AFTER SALE: $55.00 

#2 SALE PRICE: $29.90 | AFTER SALE: $49.00 


I love the length on both of these and they would be great Fall closet staples!

#1  SALE PRICE: $64.90 | AFTER SALE: $98.00 (Runs Large) 

#2 SALE PRICE: $45.90 | AFTER SALE: $69.00 



This lace trimmed cami comes in various prints and would be great for layering. This adjustable panama comes in beige as well. 

#1 SALE PRICE: $25.90 | AFTER SALE: $39.00 

#2 SALE PRICE: $38.90 | AFTER SALE: $59.00 


Obsessed with this leopard print set. The sweatshirt has a mock turtle neck. I have heard these PJ’s are the softest thing ever too! 

#1 (TOP) SALE PRICE: $29.90 | AFTER SALE: $45.00

#2 (BOTTOMS) SALE PRICE: $29.90 | AFTER SALE: $45.00 

#3 SALE PRICE: $35.90 | AFTER SALE: $55.00 


High waisted leggings that are a dreamy shade of pink (come in black too). These ADIDAS kicks are super light weight & will probably sell quick! 

#1 SALE PRICE: $42.90 | AFTER SALE: $65.00 

#2 SALE PRICE: $63.90 | AFTER SALE: $85.00 


I wore OUT my booties last year because I wore them pretty much every single day in the Fall and Winter. I love a good neutral color but my sister and I have both been wanting a fun pair like these leopard ones. Both are Steve Madden which can be pricier but this brand usually is quality and lasts. 

#1 SALE PRICE: $86.90 | AFTER SALE: $129.95 

#2 SALE PRICE: $86.90 | AFTER SALE: $129.95 


This pullover is super cozy and was VERY popular last year. Comes in a few different colors.

#1 SALE PRICE: $49.90 | AFTER SALE: $78.00 


DESPERATLY need. I’ve been borrowing luggage from my sister and this set comes in so many cute colors! (If you just need one of these suitcases they are also available individually). 

SALE PRICE: $299.00 | AFTER SALE: $368.00