Today I kept writing 2018 still because I can’t get over how another year has ended and a new one has begun! 2018 was filled with incredible life changing moments, fun trips and memories were made with my friends, family and pups! Of course with the good times came bad times and hardships. Some things didn’t work out as planned while other ones went accordingly. I’m 100% looking forward to this new year and everything it has in store!  It sounds cliche but I really do feel like I have been given a clean slate which reenergizes me to persue goals I have for life and this blog. So cheers to 2019!


  • Getting engaged to the boy I met 11 years ago (we actually met on New Year’s Eve!). Our story here .
  • Visiting New Orlean’s for a long weekend. You can read about it here .
  • Surprising my fiancé with a trip to Chicago for his birthday. Read about it here
  • Watching my older sister marry her guy on my parent’s farm and having an awesome  party.
  • The pups having no major medical issues!
  • SO many good times with friends & family.

2019 GOALS:

  • Get MARRIED. 
  • Plan a epic honeymoon. 
  • Be a better dog mom and walk the pups more.
  • Take less sh** from people in general.
  • Find a positive mantra & repeat it daily. 
  • Do a light kitchen renovation-in the Spring. Paint kitchen walls making them a little but lighter, I have already found a company that can do that for me Manhattan Painters ! They are great professionals so I don’t have to worry about the the end result.
  • Save my energy for those & things that actually matter to me. You can’t change the blind and rude.
  • Make a pallet garden of herbs for cooking. 
  • Read more books. 
  • Become even more  serious about my fitness and health.