Happy New Year! I know New Years can get us thinking about resolutions, goals and changes. I personally don’t have resolutions but I am planning on making some changes to feel more “balanced” this year. I had some big changes in life last year that honestly left me drained most of the time because it was also a year of learning. When things got incredibly busy last year I stopped moving. I say moving because I wasn’t someone that went to the gym everyday or really even had a routine. However, if there is anything I have learned from last year is moving or working out actually impacts me mentally I think. It obviously is good for you physically but I have noticed a difference in how I feel (better mood, more productive, less stressed) in these first few weeks of the New Year. I don’t know if I can say I have established a routine yet but I have moved my body three times per week since the New Year. I really plan on keeping it up and remember on the days where I feel like I have no energy or time that it is good for me mentally! Anyways, my recent activewear order is a mix from Amazon and Target. All are such affordable pieces and I’ll be honest…cute new activewear outfits always make me a little motivated to get moving!